Shashank Dogra | UX UI Designer

Professor Rating System

Problem Scenario

Every student wants to choose a professor who is highly qualified and has an extensive practical knowledge of the subject he/she teaches. But due to lack of information listed about the professor, the average student is not able to. 

Vision Statement

The Professor Reputation System solves the issue listed above and will help track the professor's records and skills. This information will help students choose professors according to their requirements, such as, receiving extensive knowledge or a high grade point average. 
A prospective student can find many difficulties in his/her starting phase of college life. He/she also may not know which professors will teach him/her a particular subject better than another professor. A prospective student can also become a victim to incorrect word of mouth feedback that might affect their GPA adversely. We can solve this problem by our EZSchool App, that is an essentially important, reputed system for professors, college students, and schools. 

[View the prototype in action here]

Persona Storyboard

Persona Storyboard

Peter is an Undergraduate student who just opted for the Masters BS program which allows him to start with his Graduate studies while he finishes his Undergraduate. It was during his time as an undergraduate that he developed an interest in Calculus. He wants to achieve extensive knowledge in subjects related to his matter of interest. he was accepted at NJIT for his masters. he wants to select his subjects and professor accordingly. 
Peter wants to choose his professors very carefully, keeping his career goal in mind. He goes online to find out about the professors but he is confused about which professor to choose after seeing “anonymous and unreliable reviews”. However, feedbacks on the App create a confusion for Peter since they reflect a different story. He sees that a lot of students complain about him been less supportive and cooperative and call him a hard grader. One the other hand a lot of students complain that his classes are generally Curved higher, that means a lot of students score good. 
Upon reviewing the feedbacks, it is clear that a lot of negative feedbacks are nothing but hate feedbacks by under performing students or students who took the class they weren’t supposed and as a result couldn’t score good. Such feedbacks can pose a genuine threat to the credibility of the Feedback system, it can affect the decisive power of the student, and can make him even more confused than he already was.      
Right now, he is in the midst of searching for reliable reviews for his prospective professors that can help him achieve his goal.